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“As a scientist you won't be able to survive in science if you don't keep an open mind to the advantages afforded by multidisciplinary approaches”


1) Interdisciplinary research moves beyond simple collaboration and teaming to integrate data, methodologies, perspectives, and concepts from multiple disciplines in order to advance fundamental understanding or to solve real world problems

2) Interdisciplinary research requires either that an individual researcher gains a depth of understanding two or more than one discipline and be fluent in their languages and methodologies, or more frequently that multidisciplinary teams assemble and create a common language and framework for discovery and innovation.

3) Multidisciplinarity has a LOT to offer to early-career scientists in terms of opportunities and excitement.


1) Present your paper before a Global audience- We expect participants from all 5 continents

2) Free discovery Sri Lanka full day bus tour with lunch for networking with colleagues

3) Conference Dinner with traditional Sri Lankan spicy curry

4) Get connected with influential colleagues who have the same passion

5 ) Explore one of the fastest growing global capital at present (CNN/Master card)

6 ) Meet your future research collaborator

7 ) Listen to experts in Multidisciplinary Studies & enhance your knowledge

8) Visit Sri Lanka – One of the best tourist destinations to visit in 2017

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