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“ Global Sustainability through Research & Development ”

The conference invites participation from members of the academia to submit unpublished theoretical, empirical and scientific papers focusing on following 4 tracks.





Conference Proceedings

All abstracts of the registered participants will be published in the conference abstract book with a Canadian ISBN. The full papers will be accepted through a double blind reviewed process and will be published online and forwarded a copy to Canadian Archives for future preservation. The conference book will be deposited at the US Congress Library the largest library in the world.
We will submit the proceedings to be indexed in the Thomson Reuters, SCOPUS, Google Scholar for possible Indexing.

WHY APMR2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

In today’s knowledge landscape there are powerful drivers for multidisciplinary research. Through simple collaboration, researchers from different disciplines can accomplish more by teaming. Interdisciplinary research moves beyond simple collaboration and teaming to integrate data, methodologies, perspectives, and concepts from multiple disciplines in order to advance fundamental understanding or to solve real world problems. Interdisciplinary research requires either that an individual researcher gains a depth of understanding two or more than one discipline and be fluent in their languages and methodologies, or more frequently that multidisciplinary teams assemble and create a common language and framework for discovery and innovation. ( Prof. Jill Trewhella 2019)

Nobel laureate and new president of the UK's Royal Society of Chemistry, Professor Sir Harry Kroto, also advocates a multidisciplinary approach. He thinks that vice-chancellors should acknowledge "that the traditional chemistry/physics/biology departmentalised university infrastructures--which are now clearly out-of-date and a serious hindrance to progress--must be replaced by new ones which actively foster the synergy inherent in multidisciplinarity."

Multidisciplinarity has a LOT to offer to early-career scientists in terms of opportunities and excitement. The Human Genome Project, the World Wide Web, and the boundaries of the infinitely small are only a few of the fertile fields where new research is flourishing. Those scientists who have taken the plunge swear by multidisciplinarity and will even say that you won't be able to survive in science if you don't keep an open mind to the advantages afforded by multidisciplinary approaches.

Therefore, it is the goal of APMR2017 to invite original, unpublished multidisciplinary research from faculty, policy makers and post-graduate students to share knowledge, exchange ideas and establish academic relationships.

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